27 August 2016

Schutzengel Telecom: Who is in dire need of this telecom business?

Know the Whole Truth, part 08

 WHO has the motive? Who is in dire need of the telecom business? Do Tenny Villanueva, Angel Villanueva M., Marc Villanueva M., and Lottie Villanueva M. Hemedez need this telecom business? Why do they need this telecom business?

This answers our question:

Rue St. Peres (San per) road or location of the apartment
w/ Vina $12,000 + 4,000 = for Hotel
Vanessa bank transfer
$ 6,000 = € 4,500 w/ Mama
$11,000 = w/ Vina
note: Vina is using her card for our
shopping (grocery, shoes, clothes)

Fallen Angels never deny this “note” because this is indeed an authentic note of Tenny (her authentic handwriting). Imagine, 16,000 US dollars for hotel (equivalent to more than 640,00 pesos), 6,000 US dollars for pocket money (equivalent to more than 240,000 pesos), and 11,000 dollars for shopping (equivalent to more than 440,000 pesos). This is how capricious these people are!

Remember in 2009, when KA ERDY was already ill, they hid KA ERDY from the public, even from KA EDUARDO and the senior ministers in the SANGGUNIAN, and they told everyone that all messages for KA ERDY and all instructions of KA ERDY will be relayed through them.

How much control did they have of the finances of the Church during this time? Let Joy Yuson tell us:

“Pagkatapos ma-endorse ng GEMNET ang mga kailangang gamit ay sila ka Caloy na ang kausap. Ang GEMNET ay naghihintay lamang at nagpa-follow-up ng deliveries ng mga gamit.” [“Pangalawang Liham ni Joy Yuson,” 11 Agosto 2015]

English translation:

“After GEMNET endorsed the needed equipment, they would talk with Ka Caloy.  GEMNET would just wait and follow-up on the deliveries of the equipment.” [“Second Letter of Joy Yuson,” 11 August 2015]

What Yuson himself is testifying (Yuson is one of the major minions of Angel Villanueva M.) that they did not follow the Church’s procedures.  They were going straight to the purchasing department to make the purchasing orders of whatever they needed; afterwards, they would just wait and follow-up on the deliveries. How did they manage to use the funds of the Church without going through the Church’s standard procedures? By using the name of KA ERDY. Remember during this time, Angel Villanueva M. and Marc Villanueva M. were intercepting all correspondence for KA ERDY and keeping brethren away from him while claiming all instructions of KA ERDY were being relayed through them. No one could question or oppose their violations of Church procedures, even if they were the very procedures that KA ERDY himself had instituted.

However, these people knew that after KA ERDY’s passing they could no longer take hold of or control the coffers of the Church. All the powers and influence they were enjoying, especially when KA ERDY are already ill, would go away after KA ERDY’s passing.

This is the reason why in 2009, the year KA ERDY was already ill, they established the Schutzengel Telecom, inc. Once KA ERDY had passed away, if KA EDUARDO would not give in to their caprice, they would still have a telecom business earning billions of pesos to provide for their capricious needs.

But, as Joy Yuson testified:

"26 times daw ako nagpunta sa Japan para bumili ng equipment 2 times lang po ito sa buong buhay ko kasama ang KA ANGEL at KA MARC. Hindi para bumili ng gamit kundi para makipag-partner ang GEMNET sa mga hapon…
“ANG PLANONG ITO AY INIHINTO NG SANGGUNIAN…” [Pangalawang Liham ni Joy Yuson, 11 Agosto 2015]

English translation:

"They say I went to Japan 26 times to buy equipment but only 2 times in my whole life with KA ANGEL and KA MARC. Not to buy equipment but to negotiate the partnership of GEMNET with the Japanese…

More Revelations to Come!

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