Iglesia Ni Cristo Convert Stories

Know why more and more people from 
different religions, countries and nationalities joined the
Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ)


By Beda H. Aboloc


“My name is BEDA ABOLOC. I was born in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines, on May 27, 1928, and was baptized in Roman Catholic. My Father, Hilarion Aboloc, from Tubigon, Bohol Philippines and my mother, Irenea Huerta, from Cantilan, Surigao del Sur, both Roman Catholic Church...” read more


By Theiphilus William Darku


 “The name is THEOPHILUS WILLIAM DARKU, born in Cape Coast, Ghana, West Africa on June 27, 1927. I come from a Catholic home with five other brothers who are all Catholics. My father died a Catholic, last February at the age of 73. My mother who is 74 years old is still living. I was a Catholic priest from 1953 to 1973...” read more


By Teodoro G. Dizon


“I am TEODORO G. DIZON from the Locale of Miami, Florida. I was born in Camiling, Tarlac, Philippines, to a family of practicing Catholics. At the age of 11, I became an altar boy, assisting priests on many Catholic activities like fiestas, masses and other religious celebrations. I observed the works and sacrifices of the priests in serving the people...” read more


By Erlinda Mirafuentes-Dela Cruz

“I was born and baptized into the Catholic Church. My grandmother taught me how to pray the Angelus and the rosary daily. My early childhood was replete with different sizes of statues of all saints elaborately dressed like medieval beings and arranged on the altar where we knelt before them as we recited long and repetitious prayers in their honor...” readmore

By Pedrito B. Placio

“Since the time I started using my reasoning powers, I had had doubts about my Catholic faith. If the Bible is the written word of God, why is it that the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are so different and so contrary to what are taught in the Bible?...” read more


By Innocent E. Okekeh

“It was in the course of my studies in the Philippines from 1974-1984—during which I earned Bachelor of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary (1978); Master of Arts in Education at the Philippine Christian University (1980); Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management in Centro Escolar University (1983)—when I began attending worship services of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in places like Sampaloc, Manila and Cavite. I did it on my own volition...” read more

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  1. Very powerful stories of converts to the Iglesia Ni Cristo from leaders/officers of other religions. READ ON!


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