20 December 2015

The commotion made by Angel last December 15 shows he is trying to hide something

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ANGEL and Lottie failed dearly in establishing ownership of #36 Tandang Sora. They don’t have any concrete evidences to back their claim. What they have are falsified documents meant only as propaganda materials for social media, and if use in court, they will probably be slapped in the face of criminal charges like falsifying public documents and fraud. They are indeed in a very, very, very desperate situation. Then, came the court order to conduct ocular inspection of #36 Tandang Sora which they were caught unprepared. Desperate people do foolish things.


The court’s order for inspection is part of the ongoing case INC filed against Angel Manalo and company seeking legal injunction of its property. This was prompted by CCTV-recorded incidents in which unidentified men wearing masks were coming in and out of the property without due permission from INC officials.

INC spokersperson Bro. Edwil Zabala said that the INC hoped that with the ocular inspection the identities of the occupants in the Tandang Sora property would be determined, as respondents Angel and Lottie, through their lawyers, had failed to give an accounting of the persons residing in the compound, as well as the persons they have been allowing inside the compound.

The INC had also presented photographs of masked and armed men who had previously gained entry inside its Tandang Sora property. Bro. Zabala said this had alarmed the Church since it had not given any permission for these persons to enter its compound. He also said that the INC hoped that order and safety would return to the INC’s T. Sora premises which is just adjacent to the INC Central Office compound.

He added that the INC would also wish to avoid the previous incidents when it had not been properly informed of incidents happening inside its own compound. Bro. Zabala cited the event which happened in November when a driver of Angel Manalo fell ill while inside the compound, but Angel and all those living in the area failed to inform the INC about his medical and health condition.

He said that with the ocular inspection, the INC would finally know what Angel and his co-respondents are trying to hide inside the INC’s own compound.  (Source: Eagle News Ph)


Under the law, respondents Angel Manalo and company “must have submitted their answer within fifteen (15) days from receipt of summons.” However, as the court noted, “it took respondents forty-six (46) days before they filed their answer”. Thus, respondents Angel Manalo have now lost their right to participate in the trial of the Petition for Injunction filed by the INC, based on the court order which found as “untenable” the excuses made by the respondents. This failure on the respondents is due to the negligence of their lawyer, the reason why their lawyer Trixie Angeles post an excuse in his FB account on the same day of December 15:


In a court order issued on December 9, Quezon City Regional Trial Court (RTC) Judge Edgar Dalmacio Santos granted the INC lawyers’ petition for an ocular inspection of the said property where ex-INC minister Angel Manalo and his sister Lottie Hemedez have been allowed to stay even after their expulsion from the church last July.

The court ordered the said inspection “to determine the number of and identities of all occupants, whether regular or not, as well as persons who visit and allowed access to the subject property.”

Judge Edgar Santos had previously directed Sheriff Neri Loy to “note the number and location of ingress and egress points” in the compound as well as the procedures implemented for it. According to the court order, aside from the Sheriff, representatives of the INC and of Angel Manalo’s group were instructed to be present during the inspection, along with police officers and barangay authorities.


Take note that according to the court order only the Sheriff, representatives of both parties, police officers and barangay officials are allowed inside the compound during the ocular inspection. What supposed to take place last December 15, 2015 was a simple ocular inspection by Sheriff Neri Loy to determine the number and identities of the occupants of the said property.

However, in the afternoon, when Sheriff Neri Loy and the representatives of the INC went out for a while, a short commotion happened during the supposed ocular inspection when the respondents led by Angel Manalo tried to get members of the media inside the premises, in VIOLATION of the conditions of the ocular inspection. See the news report regarding this incident:

 Video clip from Eagle News report

He even shoved security personnel aside as he came out briefly from the compound, together with some of his house helpers.  This video show how Angel briefly gone wild as he failed to let the media enter the compound:

Thanks to Joy Yuson, a.k.a. “Kelly Ong” for uploading in his FB account this video showing how Angel briefly gone wild because he failed to let the media enter the compound

(DECEMBER 16, 2015)

The scheduled ocular inspection of the Iglesia Ni Cristo property at no. 36 Tandang Sora Avenue in Quezon City did not push through on Tuesday, Dec. 15, after BOTH the petitioners and respondents in the case AGREED to have it postponed.  It was resumed the day after (December 16). AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE COURT FIND OUT AFTER THE OCULAR INSPECTION WAS CONDUCTED LAST DECEMBER 16?

December 17, 2015
Written by Paul M. Gutierrez

THE leadership of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) said the court-supervised ocular inspection at the INC compound on December 16 has proven the falsity and absurdity of the allegations by their expelled members that they were “barricaded” within the compound against their will.
INC spokesperson Edwil Zabala stressed that contrary to reports, the court-supervised inspection of the compound currently being occupied by Angel Manalo and Lottie Hemedez, their two expelled members, was requested by officials of the Church to identify the actual occupants.
“We wish to emphasize that it was the INC leadership that requested the court, through the Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 222, to conduct an ocular inspection inside the INC-owned compound at No. 36 Tandang Sora Avenue, Quezon City.
“We wanted the court to see for itself that we are in no way restricting the movements of Manalo and Hemedez in the compound, and that they are free to come and go as they pleased,” explained Zabala.
“We are glad that we were able to show the authorities that the claims of the expelled members are absurd and false.”
In October, the INC filed a petition for injunction barring unauthorized visitors from the compound following reports that unknown masked and hooded persons were going in and out of the property which is just beside the INC Central Office.
The INC also got reports that “armed persons” were seen inside the property. The court subsequently ordered the ocular inspection to ascertain the number and identity of persons occupying and visiting the property.
Zabala stressed that their camp also requested the court to compel Manalo and Hemedez to provide a list of the persons inside the compound, but the two have yet to comply with the court directive.
“The house being occupied by Manalo and Hemedez is owned by the Church. Having been expelled from the Church, Manalo and Hemedez no longer have the authority to stay in the property,” Zabala clarified.
“As custodian of the Church, the INC leadership has both the legal authority and the moral responsibility to ensure that Church-owned properties are not being used for illegal activities and for purposes contrary to the teachings of the Church,” added the minister.
According to Zabala, this was why the INC found it necessary to look into reports that armed men were being allowed inside the compound by Manalo and Hemedez.
In October, several ex-Marines tried to go inside the INC Compound led by renegade soldier Capt. Nicanor Faeldon, and were stopped by INC security.
Zabala also called on Manalo and Hemedez to stop publicly disparaging the church, and air their grievances in the proper venue, such as the court.
“If they have genuine faith in the doctrines of the Church, I call on them to stop publicly shaming the INC and sowing intrigues inside the Church.
“I hope they let the court processes work, instead of resorting to trial by publicity,” Zabala added.
Source: http://www.journal.com.ph/news/top-stories/inc-cleared


It was only a simple ocular inspection ordered by QC RTC Judge Santos, so why a need for Angel’s to make a commotion and Angel himself briefly gone wild? Because they are hiding something from the court. And when the ocular inspection was resumed and finished at the other day (December 16), the court-supervised ocular inspection at the INC compound had proven the falsity and absurdity of the allegations by expelled members Angel Manalo and Lottie Hemedez especially in regard to their claims of threats to their freedom of movement and that they were barricaded within the compound against their will.


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