03 June 2015

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: A Brief Biography


THE PRESENT EXECUTIVE Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, assumed office on September 7, 2009. He is administering the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) which has more than 100 ecclesiastical districts worldwide, more than 5,000 local congregations in the Philippine and about 1,000 congregations found in more than 100 countries and territories, thus making the members of the Church Of Christ comprised of people from more than 100 nationalities. Truly, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo is shepherding a global Church.

Brother Eduardo Villanueva Manalo was born in Manila, Philippines on October 31, 1955. He is the eldest son of Brother Eraño G. Manalo, who was Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) from 1963 to 2009 and of Sister Cristina Villanueva. It was his grandfather, Brother Felix Y. Manalo, God's Messenger in these last days and the first Executive Minister of the Church, who named him "Eduardo," which means "guardian."


Brother Felix was already on his sick bed when one day he sent for his grandson, "Eddie," who was barely seven years old and at the time, was playing in the yard. When Eddie entered the room, Brother Felix asked his grandson to kneel, and then he placed his hands over the child's head and blessed him in front of several witnesses. Afterwards, he had his grandson rise and allowed him to return outside to play.

Eddie's grandmother, Sister Honorata Manalo, whom he called "Lola Ata," would constantly teach him and his cousins to kneel while praying, and never to waste any of God's blessings.

As a young boy, Eddie would get Brother Eraño's books, bring them to his own room, arrange them on one side of the table and begin preaching. Only later did he realize that his father was actually listening through an intercom system. So precocious was Eddie that his father trained him to type his worship service lessons for him with an italicized typewriter.

He started his elementary education in Jose Rizal College (now Jose Rizal University) along Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, and transferred during his fourth grade to Jose Abad Santos Memorial School (JASMS) in Quezon City.


He continued his high school in JASMS, wherein he had the opportunity to dabble in all sorts of fields, including Citizen's Military Training. He was also the guitarist of a singing group in his school and was active in dramatics.

He held the office of row leader in the Pagsamba ng Kabataan (PNK) or children's worship service (CWS) before he began attending classes for PNK Guro or CWS Teachers under Brother Benjamin Santiago Sr., a senior minister of the gospel. Inheriting the Sugo's passion for photography, he would contribute pictures for the PASUGO, the Church's official magazine, and at age 16 began submitting articles to it, the first of which was titled "Ang Mga Kagutom, ang Bagyo, at Sumpa" ("The Famines, the Storm, and the Curse," September 1972).

Having a natural love for books, he started his own library, most notable being his still-growing collection of Bibles, since Brother Eraño once told him, "Ang pinakamabuting collection ng manggagawa ay mga Biblia" (The best collection that a Minister should have is a collection of Bibles).


It was the wish of the Sugo for Brother Eduardo to study philosophy in college and so he majored in it as an undergraduate and continued studying it at the graduate level, both at the University of the Philippines– Diliman, Quezon City. As an undergraduate, he joined the UP Christian Brotherhood (UPCB), the Church's official student organization for the brethren enrolled in UP. He became its vice president for external affairs prior to becoming its president in his sophomore year. As his contemporaries would recall, Brother Eduardo was not unaccustomed to debating with members of other religious organizations, speaking in either Pilipino or English, as the situation necessitated.
While pursuing his undergraduate studies in UP, he undertook his ministerial studies at the Evangelical College (EVCO), now called College of Evangelical Ministry, where in a single academic year, he completed courses for both the fourth and fifth years of the program. He graduated from UP in 1978, and from EVCO in 1980.


After graduating from EVCO, Brother Eduardo's first “destino” or area of assignment was in the local congregation of Cubao in Quezon City whose pastor at the time was Brother Cesar Pedrozo. Brother Eduardo was ordained as a minister on May 9, 1980 at the Iglesia Ni Cristo house of worship in Tondo, Manila. After a week of being assigned to the local congregation of Project 4, he was assigned as a “Tagapagturo” or Minister-Instructor of Evangelical Studies and as Assistant Dean of EVCO. He would bring along evangelical students from outside the Philippines, like Brothers Steven Kroll and Edward Maranan, to different provinces, especially in propagating God's words, to supplement their experiences in the ministry.

He was also assigned by Brother Eraño to host a religious radio program in DZEC and to be one of the first panelists on the TV program “Ang Iglesia Ni Cristo.” As a panelist, he would receive advice and constant guidance from the Executive Minister, which he would also share with his students.


In 1984, Brother Eduardo was appointed as Coordinator of the Metro Manila Office of the Church, where he served with pioneering ministers, such as Brothers Benjamin Santiago Sr., Aniceto Bunag Sr., and Pedro Almedina. He was also involved in numerous projects, the most notable being “Project Tambalan,” which was initiated for the Sugo's Centennial Birth Anniversary Celebration. “Project tambalan,” a brainchild of Brother Pedro Jaraza, also a senior minister of the gospel, was a system of inviting non-members that yielded an unmatched record number of converts into the Church.

In order to document the worship services being officiated by the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo initiated the use of sound and video facilities. He also founded the Society of Communicators and Networkers (SCAN) for brethren with a common interest in radio communication. Because the internet was technically non-existent in the Philippines during that time, he began and maintained a popular Bulletin Board System (BBS) and further developed his skills in computer programming. He organized the Data and Network Management (DNM), which allowed computerization of the entire Central Office. He also sponsored Internet seminars for ministers in various ecclesiastical districts of the Church.

Based on an article entitled "RP marks 7th year on the Internet", printed in the magazine Computer World Philippines in March 2001, Brother Eduardo is recognized by Filipino information technology enthusiasts as belonging to the "group of pioneers that brought the nation into the Internet Age."


A day after Eduardo was elected unanimously by the Church's Executive Council, he was sworn in as Deputy Executive Minister by Brother Eraño on May 7, 1994. That blessed and historic occasion was witnessed by brethren all over the world by means of video conferencing technology.

In 1994, he was entrusted by the Executive Minister with the historic task of registering the church officially in Rome, Italy. Two years later, he along with 11 ministers, joined Brother Eraño in restoring the Church in Jerusalem, Israel. In 1997, he accompanied the Executive Minister in a pastoral visit to Athens, Greece.

In 1998, he was tasked by the Executive Minister to make a pastoral visit to the United States, specifically in the states of Hawaii and California, for the 30th anniversary of the Church Of Christ's establishment in the West. He officiated the special worship services held in Neal Blaisdel Hall in Hawaii and San Jose Arena in California, both of which were filled to capacity. In his homilies, he preached not only in Filipino but also in English for the benefit of all the brethren.

In the year 2000, Brother Eraño once again sent Brother Eduardo on a pastoral visit to ten (10) states in the U.S.A. and to Washington, D.C. In 2006, he was sent by the Executive Minister to visit brethren in countries in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Brother Eraño took every opportunity to hold “klase” (class) with his son. Even simple moments like taking a brisk walk would turn into precious mentoring sessions. Advice and guidance from the Executive Minister were extremely important to Brother Eduardo that during pastoral visits outside the Philippines, he always made sure his line of communication was always open to and for the Executive Minister. In fact, each time the plane he boarded had barely landed, Brother Eduardo would already be reaching for his phone to report his whereabouts to Brother Eraño. It had always been very characteristic of Brother Eduardo to consult constantly with the Executive Minister.

The ideals of the Executive Minister have always been the inspiration of Brother Eduardo's project. He sponsored workshops in writing and translations, and seminars for ministerial students, as Brother Eraño wanted ministers trained in all fields beneficial to the Church. Such learning activities culminated in projects like the “Eye 'N See Life photo exhibit” and Christian Music Video Festival (CMV Fest), which were under not only Brother Eduardo's sponsorship but also his artistic direction, given his knowledge of photography, filming, and video editing.

Because Brother Eraño wanted good values to be prompted especially among the youth of the Church, Brother Eduardo launched a children's exhibit entitled "Values 101." He also released animated documentaries about the Sugo and Brother Eraño to help the youth understand and value their compassionate labors for the Church. In addition, he initiated the digital restoration of older issues of the Pasugo.

As a composer and arranger himself, Brother Eduardo has continuously encouraged brethren to compose music for the Church. He has produced and released CD's of contemporary Christian music and "audio books" featuring Bible-verse reading paired with original INC hymns, which are all based on the books and lessons of the Executive Minister.


Brother Eduardo met his wife, Sister Lynn Ventura, when as a minister, he officiated a committee prayer of the UPCB. They were married on January 2, 1982, the 57th birthday of the Executive Minister. That was also the year when Brother Eraño devised the “Gabay sa Pagkakasal” (Guide for Officiating Marriage Ceremony), a minister's manual in counseling couples to be married and in solemnizing the wedding service.

Brother Eduardo and Sister Lynn molded their children early in their youth to value Church offices, which, up to now they fulfill faithfully. Brother Eduardo's constant advice to them is "Don't let the world influence you, you should influence the world," for by doing good, others will do the same. They also instilled in their children the value of studying hard so that they can use their God-given gifts in the service of the Church.

Their three children began studies at New Era University (NEU) before matriculating at UP. Dorothy Kristine graduated at U.P with Bachelor's degrees in Philosophy and Law, and now a lawyer and serving as member of the Board of Trustees of the New Era University. Gemma Minna, having graduated with a bachelor's degree in Music Education and Choir Conducting, teaches music at NEU-College of Music and serves as one of those that administer the Church choir and music. Brother Angelo Eraño has bachelor’s degree in European Languages from U.P., finished Bachelor of Evangelical Ministry (BEM) degree in 2010, and now an ordained  minister of the Gospel, heading the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) Office of the Church, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Christian Era Broadcasting Corporation, a non-profit corporation running the INC TV and INC Radio.


In his early teenage years, Brother Eduardo became interested in radio communication when he began tinkering with his father's unused ham radio units and antenna, eventually becoming a regular Short Wave Listener (SWL). He formed the Citizens Band Radio Group (Special Forces), and later on progressed to become a licensed amateur radio operator. He learned the Morse code, and has used voice, RTTY, and various other radio communication modes, which have afforded him the chance to communicate with people all over the world. Along with the computer technology, he is currently interested in astronomy and astrophotography.


Elder ministers have described Brother Eduardo as humble. According to them, although he is the son of the Executive Minister, he has always been respectful of others ministers, especially those older than he. When it comes to the Executive Minister's instructions, his principle is to "always obey and never complain" even if it entails sacrifice, no matter how great, since such derivatives are biblical.

To Brother Eduardo, most prominent among the many advices his father imparted to him is to have selfless love and concern for the Church. For this reason, he has also been described as "compassionate" and a "good listener," although very firm and meticulous in implementing Church rules and discipline.

Now that the mantle of over-all Church administrations rests on Brother Eduardo, he himself has emphasized:

“Wala akong iibahin sa sinimulan ng Sugo at itinaguyod ng Tatay” (I will not change anything from what the god’s Last Messenger began and what my father continued to uphold), because all that they laid down for the Church have always been based on Church doctrines and regulations, in accordance with God's teachings written in the Bible.


Brother Eduardo V. Manalo assumed the office of the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ on September 7, 2009, a week after the demised of Brother Eraño G. Manalo.

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo is the third and the present Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ. For only five years (from 2009 to 2014), his stewardship of the Church is truly God-inspired. Of how God guided and blessed the leadership of Brother Felix Y. and Brother Eraño G. Manalo, the Lord God continued to guide and bless the leadership of Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

From 2009 to 2014, for just five years, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo already established ten ecclesiastical districts outside the Philippines, namely: United Kingdom, Eastern Canada, Western Canada, Middle East, UAE, North East Asia, China, Southeast Asia I, Southeast Asia II, and Australia; ten ecclesiastical districts in the Philippines including Palawan North, Bulacan South, Tarlac North, Laguna East, and reorganizing Metro Manila into six districts: Metro Manila East, Metro Manila West, Metro Manila South, Metro Manila North, Quezon City and Central; and ordained more than 2,000 new ministers of the Gospel.

Also hundreds of new locale congregations were established in different parts of the globe as a result of the intensive evangelical missions launched worldwide. The Church Administration also built hundreds of new houses of worship in the Philippines and in different countries worldwide.

As part of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Centennial Celebration, Brother Eduardo inaugurated the Engineering and Construction Department Building, the Pilar Manalo-Danao Multimedia Center, and the Legal-Finance Building (Honorata De Guzman-Manalo Building). All of these are inside the Central Office complex.

The present Executive Minister also led the Church with socio-civic projects and activities like Lingap Sa Mamamayan in San Nicolas, Tondo, Manila last 2012 which gained three Guiness world records, the World-Wide Walk for Yolanda Victims last February 15, 2014 which gained two Guiness world records, the Lingap Sa Mamamayan in Palayan, Nueva Ecija which gained one world record. Brother Eduardo also launched last April, 2014 the resettlement and livelihood projects in New Era, Leyte for Yolanda Victims.

At the height of the Centennial celebration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, the Church Of Christ inaugurated the Ciudad de Victoria complex and the two gigantic structures inside its vicinity (the Philippine Arena and the Philippine Sports Stadium) last July 21, 2014. The Philippine Arena with 55,000 seating-capacities is said to be the largest indoor arena in the world.

Just recently, immediately after the week-long centennial celebration, Brother Eduardo established three more ecclesiastical districts: Laguna South (Sta.Cruz), Cavite North and Pampanga East. This makes Pampanga as the very first ecclesiastical district and the 100th ecclesiastical district in the Philippines.

Truly, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo’s leadership is God-inspired.

The victories and achievements of the Church Of Christ are not the work of men. The Church that came from a small and poor country and without any support from any government and other organizations is now recognized as one of the largest churches and the fastest growing Church in the world. The present status of the Church Of Christ is indeed the work of God, the fulfillment of God’s promise to His messenger in these last days, Brother Felix Y. Manalo. In Isaiah 41:9-10 this is what God said:

“I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. I said, 'You are my servant'; I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:9-10 NIV)

The Lord God indeed fulfilled His promise to His last messenger, Brother Felix Y. Manalo, and continued fulfilling this promise to the present Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

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