31 May 2014

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Iglesia Ni Cristo
(Church Of Christ)
Places of Worship Service
Around the Globe

Schedule of Worship Services are subject to change
Please contact the Locale Congregation for updated information
If changes are made feel free to inform us


Champion Dormitory
(Hsinpu-Hsinchu Extension)
c/o Bro. Anthony Ronquillo
Champion Dormitory
Hsinpu-Hsinchu, Taiwan
Tel. No. (886-7) 364-6587
Mobile No. (886-91) 210-2344

Changhua Congregation
c/o Nestor Debuque
#47-12 Kong Shiao Street
Changchua City, Taiwan
Tel./Fax No. (886-42) 536-6851
Mobile No. (886-98) 147-8825

Chungli City Congregation
c/o Alfonso U. Lim Jr.
#83 Section 1 Lung Kang Road
Chungli City, Taiwan R.O.C.
Tel. Nos. (886-3) 458-9825; 433-6475
Mobile No. (886-91) 249-2168

137 Pei Hsing St., Boai Road
Sec. 1, Chia-Yi City, Taiwan
Tel. No. (886-3) 468-9475
Mobile No. (0886) 93078-7894

Hsinpu-Hsinchu Congregation
c/o Ogie Bilog
762 Ya Tong Section, Wen Shan Rd.
Wen Shan Lii, Hsinpu Town
Hsinchu Country, Taiwan 30509
Mobile No. (886-95) 578-2019

Junan Miaoli GWS
c/o Randy Rosales
# 9 Lane 34 Chunghua Road
Ding Pu Section, Junan Township
Miaoli Country, Taiwan
Mobile No. (886-98) 809-5674

Kaohsiung Congregation
c/o Alex A. Bretana
162-1F Dermin Rd., Nan Tzu District
811 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Tel. No. (886-7) 364-6587
Mobile No. (886-91) 148-6730

Linkou Congregation
No. 11-G/F Chi-Chiang
5th St. Linkou Shiang, Taipei Hsien
Taiwan R.O.C.
Tel./Fax No. (02) 2603-2664

Tantzu Congregation
c/o Ogie B. Bilog
#1 Ren Ho Road, Lane 253 Alley 1
Tantzu Hsiang, Taichung, Taiwan
Tel. No. (886-4) 2536-6851
Mobile No. (886-92) 632-1510

Tainan (Kaohsiung Extension)
c/o Rovel Velasco
4/F Room 15 Guo Pin Mansion
Cor. Chenggung Road
Tainan City, Taiwan
Tel. No. (886-7) 364-6587
Mobile No. (886-98) 771-8914

Taipei City Congregation
4/F No. 544-6 Chung Chang Road
Hsinchuang City 24255
Taipei Hsien, Taiwan R.O.C.
Tel. No. (8862) 2904-8354
Fax No. (8862) 2908-7902

As of June, 2013


All are welcome to attend our
congregational worship services

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