31 May 2014

INC Directory NORWAY

Iglesia Ni Cristo
(Church Of Christ)
Places of Worship Service
Around the Globe

Schedule of Worship Services are subject to change
Please contact the Locale Congregation for updated information
If changes are made feel free to inform us


Notodden Group Worship Service
1 Kloumannveien
Notodden 3680 Norway
Tel./Fax No. (47) 35018288

Oslo Congregation
c/o Arthur Timbol
Stanseveien 18
Oslo 0975 Norway
Tel. No. (0047) 2216-1144
Mobile No. (0047) 9264-2245

Rjukan Group Worship Service
Gyvingjordet 34, Rjukan
3660 Norway
Tel./Fax No. (47) 350-90138

As of June, 2013


All are welcome to attend our
congregational worship services

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