31 May 2014


Iglesia Ni Cristo
(Church Of Christ)
Places of Worship Service
Around the Globe

Schedule of Worship Services are subject to change
Please contact the Locale Congregation for updated information
If changes are made feel free to inform us


Auckland Congregation
8 Wilson Road
Glen Eden, Waitakere
Auckland 0602 New Zealand
Tel. Nos. (649) 818-8059; 832-0579
Fax No. (649) 813-0956

Christchurch Congregation
Richmond Primary School
Pavitt St., Christchurch
8005 New Zealand
Tel./Fax No. (643) 960-3850
Mobile No. (0321) 290-0062

Hamilton Congregation
c/o Alberto Carlos
Western Community Center
#46 Hyde Street, Nawton
Hamilton, New Zealand
Tel. No. (617) 843-6997
Fax No. (617) 843-6997

Invercargill Group Worship Service
c/o Willie Jabonitalia
Southern Lights Dairy Limited
1077 North Makarewa
Grove Bush, Road 6
Invercargill 9876 New Zealand
Tel./Fax No. (643) 230-4073
Mobile No. (027) 781-6808

North Shore Congregation
c/o Timoteo D. Vivas Jr.
Glenfield Intermediate School
138 Chivalry Road
Glenfield, North Shore City
Auckland, New Zealand
Tel. No. (649) 483-2522
Mobile No. (021) 184-3337

Rororua Group Worship Service
c/o Efren B. Bandong
98 Springfield Road
Rotorua NZ 3015
Tel./Fax No. (647) 343-9411
Mobile No. (0421) 051-8371

Taupo Group Worship Service
c/o Rey B. Bendicio
Waiora Community House
129 Spa Road, Taupo, NZ
Tel. No. (647) 378-2104
Mobile No. (0421) 255-4475
Fax No. (647) 378-2101

Te Kuiti Group Worship Service
#16 Nettie St., Te Kuiti 3910 NZ
Tel./Fax No. (647) 878-6731

Whangarei Group Worship Service
c/o Ramon S. Bardoquin
#2 Rainbow Place
Onerahi, New Zealand
Tel. Nos. (649) 438-7000; 443-6383

Wellington Congregation
c/o Jubelmar Edillor
Sports Favillon
Wellington Girls College
Hobson Crescent, Wellington. NZ
Tel. No. (644-04) 568-4350
Fax No. (647-04) 568-6443

As of June, 2013


All are welcome to attend our
congregational worship services

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