30 April 2016



By Bro. Anthony Pena

(1) He says he is not connected with Isaiah Samson Jr. and with the so called defenders (of the Capricho) but the ones disseminating his delusional video are the rebels themselves.

(2) He himself admitted that what he said is entirely his opinion. Not facts. Not even the Biblical Truths he received in the Ministry. Similar to what Samson, Menorca and the other traitors are doing nowadays. Very different from the practice of True Ministers who don’t preach about their own opinion but instead declares God’s own oration based on the proclamation of the Church Administration.

(3) He says he loves the brethren, he loves the Church. But why did He abandon them? Why did he betray the Church? Worst of all, why did he betray the Church Administration by not submitting himself to their instructions?

(4) He denies that he is working together with Jun Samson, but follows his godfather’s example of spreading lies in social media about the Church Administration.

(5) He talks about the suffering of the expelled relatives of Bro. EraƱo G. Manalo. Remember that such ’sufferings’ are merely the consequences of their own actions. What about the suffering of the true brethren caused by the lies, insults and persecutions perpetrated against the Church, the Church Administration, the Executive Minister (Brother Eduardo V. Manalo) and his family by the likes of Angel, Lottie, Marc and Tenny?

(6) He says that we must conquer evil with good. That is what exactly the true ministers are doing nowadays. We preach the unadulterated words of God which is His standard of what is good. Not what is good based on human standards. God’s words are good even if such words don’t make you feel good. That’s already your problem. We (true ministers) preach that only members of the Church of Christ will be saved on the day of Judgement even if it hurts the feelings of non-members. We preach that it is evil not to submit to the Church Administration. We preach that those who rebel against the Church Administration, people like you Rolando, will be cursed by God. We preach that those who have been separated from the Church of Christ will also not be saved. What you did just proves that you were never a true minister. What a shame.

(7) He speaks of “character assassination.” Was our Lord Jesus Christ character assassinating when he taught the the Pharisees are a bunch of hypocrites and a brood of vipers? Was He no longer about love and compassion when he drove out with a whip all the vendors in the Temple and overturned their tables and benches? Was Apostle Peter character assassinating when he said that those who speak against the messengers of God, people like Dizon and his idols, are brute beasts and are waiting for destruction? Was Apostle Jude character assassinating when he said that false preachers or those who reject God’s authority, people like Dizon and his brood, are clouds without rain and shepherds feeding only themselves? Was Apostle Paul character assassinating when He told the Church that he gave Hymaneus and Alexander to the devil because of their blasphemy? Were they “stooping so low”? No they weren’t! They are simply doing their duty of safeguarding the flock against ravenous wolves like you who entered and lived among them in secret to devour them. This is what true ministers are doing now against traitors like you Dizon. And we will keep on doing so as long as there are people like you and your lot who seek to bring them to perdition.

(8) The compassion and mercy he speaks of are based solely on what he feels and not what the true compassion and mercy taught by Christ. Christ is full of compassion and mercy but He himself declared that if the people will not abide by His teachings and not remain as His branch, then they will be cut off and be thrown into the fire. True mercy and compassion must always be in accordance with the laws of God.

(9) He admitted that what he is doing now is a result of his disobedience to the Church Administration. This, in spite of the many chances given to him by the Administration so that his eyes may be opened and he may renew his ways.

(10) He ends his video with proclaiming again his ‘love’ for the brethren. But where is he trying to lead them? To disobedience? To rebellion? To perdition?
Sorry (not really) to disappoint you Rolando, but you are a dud. I would have written its filipino equivalent but then again you might whine and cry because your feelings got hurt. You will never fool the true members of the Church of Christ. Instead you will be remembered as the fool who thought he could succeed in going against the Church of Christ and its Administration.


  1. Yes indeed he is a big fool...stop saying you love the brethren because we don't need you at all.Go join your flock,love yourselves and stop pestering us with all your dramas and lies because we have other things to do.I sympathize though with the demise of your faith.

  2. I don't buy your explanation. What I know is you teach us to obey the Church Administration but you are one who disobey. What kind of minister you are? I think you deserved to be expelled.

  3. Check his eyes. What he was saying is scripted. Paawa effect na naman!

  4. Actually, I'm a bit shocked because that name seems familiar. Hindi ako nagkamali. Siya nga yung dating Ministro sa INCTV Program na The Message and INC International Edition na pinapalabas from San Francisco Bay Area. Sa pagkakaalam ko po, nakadestino siya sa California bago itiniwalag.

  5. Shame on you Dizon. "You, then, who teach others, do you not teach yourself?" If only I could take your "right" as minister, I would have done so.

  6. He WAS our Resident Minister before at our locale of Anaheim, Southern California. The brethren used to call him brother John as he wished to be called, shame on you Mr. John, Mister rolando dizon because the true brethren are One with the Church Administration.


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