28 April 2017

Dr. James White claims “Sola Scriptura” and “Tota Scriptura”, but his TRINITY is “NO SCRIPTURA” (Unscriptural)

South Dakota Religious Debate Review
Dr. James White’s "Trinity" is indeed Unscriptural

Dr. James White said:
“I BELIEVE IN SOLA SCRIPTURA. Scripture is the sole, infallible rule of faith for the church. I do not accept any ‘revelations’ from God. But I ALSO BELIEVE IN TOTA SCRIPTURA. We must believe all the scripture teaches. We cannot pick and choose,    we harmonize our beliefs with all of God’s revelation because all of it was given to us by the spirit of God.”

But Dr. James White,

In the South Dakota religious debate, Dr. James White posed himself as a person believing what is written in the Bible and only what is written in the Bible which he believes. However, never in the debate he read a verse from the Scriptures where the word “Trinity” is written, neither the word “Triune God”, and the phrase “One God in three persons.”

Actually, trinitarian scholars admitted that the word “Trinity” and the “mystery of the Divine Trinity” cannot be found in the Bible. A trinitarian scholar, Dr. Joseph Pohle, admitted the following:

“It cannot therefore be seriously maintained that the mystery of the Divine Trinity was clearly revealed in the Old Testament.” (Pohle, Joseph, Ph.D., D.D.. The Divine Trinity, A Dogmatic Treatise, p. 20.)

The reason of this admission is because the doctrine of the Trinity is not known before the advent of Christ according to another trinitarian theologian:

“It is true that before the advent of Christ the Trinity of Persons was not known, not even to the inspired authors.” (Gratsch, Edward J. Principles of Catholic Theology, p. 50.)

How about in the New Testament? Can we find the word “Trinity” in the New Testament? This is the admission of another trinitarian author:

“The word Trinity does not appear in the New Testament and the meanings of the words persons and nature, in the precise senses and which these words are used to bear the meassage of God, had to be carefully refined to bear that message rightly. But what the New Testament teaches is in truth captured with care and reverence in the exact statements of the early councils of the Church.” (Lawler, Ronald, Wuerl, Donald, and Lawler, Thomas Comerfod. The Teaching of Christ: A Catholic Catechism for Adults, p. 177.)

Indeed, the word “Trinity” cannot be found in the Bible because it was first used by Tertulian in the last decade of the second century only:

“The word Trinity is not found in the Bible, though used by Tertulian in the last decade of the 2nd century, it did not find a place formally in the thelogy of the church till the 4th century.” (The Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Part 3. J.D.Douglas. M.A., B.D., S.T.M., P.H.D. organizing editor. Leicester, England: Inter Varsity Press, 1980, p. 1597)

Trinitarians clearly admit that the word "Trinity" and the formula ("that there are three persons in one God") cannot be found in the Bible. THUS, “TRINITY” IS TRULY UNSCRIPTURAL.

So, upholding and defending a “No Scriptura” belief, Dr. James White, what happened to your “Sola Scriptura” and “Tota Scriptura”?

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  1. So, exodus 3:14 says I AM is the name I will go by for all generations. Jesus declared I Am, multiple times. You don't believe Jesus is the one true God?


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