11 July 2014

Iglesia Ni Cristo and Roman Catholic Debate 11 July 2014



11 July 2014, Cebu City, Philippines. A religious debate was held last 11 July 2014 at Cebu Coliseum. The religious debated started at 100 pm and attended by  more than 7,500 mixed audienceof Iglesia Ni Cristo members, Roman Catholics and from other religious groups.

The debate was initiated by the chairman of the CFD Cebu archdiocesan dabating team, Mr. Alvin Gitamondoc. He send a formal letter to the district supervising minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo ni Cebu. Through the letter, Mr. Gitamondoc formally challenging the Iglesia Ni Cristo in a religious debate. He even published the said letter in an anti-Iglesia Ni Cristo facebook page which Mr. Gitaondoc is one of the admins.

The invitation was accepted by representatives of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. After the predebate conference, both parties agreed to held the debate on July 11, 2014, with two propositions two resolve. These are the following:

In Cebuano

“Pamatud-an nga si Apostol Pedro gipili ni Cristo NGA Makita nga Pangulo duga sa Iglesya nga Gitukod ni Cristo”
(“Resolved tha Apostle Peter was chosen by Christ as the Visible Head of the Church founded by Christ”)

Roman Catholic Church is represented by Mr. Ramon Gitamondoc, the national president of the Catholic organization called “Catholic Faith Defenders” (CFD)

Iglesia Ni Cristo is represented by Brother Ramil parba, minister of the Gospel

Roman Catholic representative

In English

“Resolved that Brother Felix Y Manalo is the Messenger of God in these Last Days.”

Iglesia Ni Cristo is represented by Brother Jose Ventillacion, a minister of the Gospel

Roman Catholic Church is represented by Mr. Alvin Gitamondoc, chairman of Cebu Archdiocesan debating team

Iglesia Ni Cristo representatives

To make sure the peace and orderliness of the said debate, both parties agreed to have the following as the officers of the said debate: Living Baptist Church’s Ryan Rey Batiquin, Ryan Secretaria, Aladin Cuizon Jr as Official Announcer and Principal, with Gary Tan as Assistant Principal, and Jun Darunday as Second Assistant Principal.

From Left to Right: Adam Amper (Catholic Time Keeper), Living Baptist Church Ryan Rey Batiquin, Ryan Secretaria, Aladin Cuizon Jr (Official Announcer and Principal) with Gary Tan (Assistant Principal) and Jun Darunday (Second Assistant Principal)

The debate started at 100 pm witnessed by thousands of Cebuanos filling the whole Cebu Coliseum. The debate was in typical “Oxford type format debate.” The debate was live streamed at a local radio station in Cebu owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Church. However, residents of Cebu City confirmed that the said station turned off the broadcast of the debate during the speech of Brother Joe Ventillacion.

The debate turned out to be peaceful. No untoward incident happened. Another great event marking the coming of the Iglesia Ni Cristo centennial celebration in July 27, 2014.


  1. The debate was peaceful but unfortunately witnessed the biased broadcasting of radio station which turned-off the broadcast during the last speech of Brother Joe Ventillacion. :-(

  2. I am not gonna comment on the cebuano part coz I really cannot understand it but the Enlish part...Pardon me my catholic friends but it's very clear but your church defender Mr. Ramon Gitamondoc pretends that he knows Greek but can't even answer the simplest question. He keeps on shouting words and no matter how hard I tried adjusting my computer's audio settings, I really cannot understand it, what more to those inside the coliseum? How I wish there's a whole video of this debate with caption below...I can't imagine what the caption when Mr. Ramon Gitamondoc speaks will look like.

    Kudos to Brother Joe and Brother Ramil.

  3. Sir, just a correction. It was Ramon Gitamondoc that did the 1st stand defending Peter as the first pope. And It was Alvin Gitamondoc that did the 2nd stand on the negative side of the proposition that Bro. Felix Manalo is the messenger of God in these last days. :)

  4. Mga kapatid pwede po bang humingi ng full video sa debating ito? malabo po kasi yong audio sa Youtube....torrent file po ng videong ito OK lang....

    Ka Johnric Local of Majuro hawaii Pacific

  5. sana my mai share ng full video para mapanud ng mga tga sanlibutan :)

  6. If you double check the ARAMAIC,GREEK words that was discussed in the debate, you will know the true answer.

    Congrats to the one who is victorious on this debate.

  7. Iglesia ni cristo is UnBeatable in debate

  8. debate sana ulit ' dapat may kasulatan pag natalo ang mga katuliko mag inc na sila ',


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