14 May 2017

On Mother's Day and Father's Day Celebration


 MOTHER’S Day (celebrated on the second Sunday of May) and Father’s Day (celebrated on the third Sunday of June) are both SECULAR HOLIDAYS:

“In the Philippines, Mother's Day is officially celebrated every second sunday of May, but it is not a public holiday. Although not a traditional Filipino holiday, the occasion owes its popularity to American influence, and is thus more commonly celebrated every second Sunday of May like in the United States.
“According to a 2008 article by the Philippine News Agency, in 1921 the Ilocos Norte Federation of Women's Clubs asked to declare the first Monday of December as Mother's Day ‘to honor these fabulous women who brought forth God’s children into this world.’ In response, Governor-General Charles Yeater issued Circular No. 33 declaring the celebration. In 1937 President Manuel L. Quezon issued Presidential Proclamation No. 213, changing the name of the occasion from "Mother's Day" to "Parent's Day" to address the complaints that there wasn't a "Father's Day". In 1980 President Ferdinand Marcos issued Presidential Proclamation No. 2037 proclaiming the date as both Mother's Day and Father's Day. In 1988 President Corazon Aquino issued Presidential Proclamation No. 266, changing Mother's Day to the second Sunday of May, and Father's Day to the third Sunday of June, discontinuing the traditional date.” [from Wikipedia]

THUS, since Mother's/Father's Day are secular holidays, there is no need for us to have Church Activities related to those "Days." However If members of the Church would like to commemorate their moms (and dads) on those days (like having lunch/dinner or other activities) they may do so as a Family Activity, but not as a Church Activity. Also, brethren are not prohibited from greeting each other Happy Mother's Day.

It's just like the secular holiday "Independence Day" or the "American Thanksgiving". Those are secular holidays just like Mother's Day and Father's Day. We do not make Church Activities intended to commemorate those secular holidays. However, there's nothing wrong when brethren would say 'Happy 4th of July' or 'Happy Thanksgiving'. However, individuals and families may commemorate those secular holidays so as long as it does not go against the doctrines of the Church.

HOWEVER, we must also be informed that there is another “Mother’s Day” which is also called “Mothering Sunday” celebrated especially in Europe. This holiday celebrated in different parts of Europe is not simply about honouring one’s mother. This holiday is actually rooted in teachings that contradict what we uphold in the true Church Of Christ. Originally, “Mothering Sunday” was the time when Catholics or Protestants would take a day off to visit their "mother church". This holiday is also connected to “Lent Season”; a religious observance by Catholic and Protestant churches.

For this reason, our Church Administration is instructing us that we should not participate in “Mothering Sunday”, or what others now call “Mother’s Day”.

THEREFORE, members of the Church are not prohibited to celebrate the secular Mother’s Day/Father’s Day if they want to do so as long as it does not go against the doctrines of the Church, but we are prohibited to participate in “Mothering Sunday” (celebrated in different parts of Europe as a part of commemorating the Lenten season, a religious observance by Catholics and Protestants) which they aso called “Mother’s Day” (not the secular “Mother’s Day celebrated in US and the Philippines).

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