27 June 2016

Ka Erdy's House, Demolished?

The house where Brother Erano G. Manalo 
stayed for many years, demolished?

 THE expelled dissidents lambast Brother Eduardo and call him a disrespectful son because he allegedly had the house where Ka Erdy stayed for many years demolished. Their basis: An aerial photo posted on Facebook. 

But, is the picture real? When was the photo taken? Were the illegal occupants of No. 36 Tandang Sora the ones who took the photo?

Based on the angle of the shot, it looks like it was taken by means of a drone. Is that why parts of a drone were found in their pizza delivery?

These are just some of the questions that need to be asked before rushing to conclusion and get sentimental about it.

Even if it were true that the said house was demolished, is that disrespecting or erasing the memory of Ka Erdy? NO. Because NEVER will the memory of Brother EraƱo G. Manalo be erased from the hearts and minds of every true Iglesia Ni Cristo member. In fact, it is a doctrine that we observe and obey that we should remember those who administered us in the Church.

The Sugo (Brother Felix Manalo) moved from one place of residence to another when he was still alive. Not all of those houses were preserved during Ka Erdy’s time. But did we blame Ka Erdy for it and called him a disrespectful son?

The houses of worship built by the Church—whose are they? Isn’t each of them a house of God, as what the Bible teaches? There had been houses of worship that were also torn down so that new, better and more beautiful ones would be built to replace them. Only a fool would say that such is an act of disrespect against God.

What really is a disrespect against Ka Erdy’s memory is the rebellion they started. And it is not just against the Executive Minister but against God most of all.

Moreover, that house is located just beside the Church property being squatted or illegally occupied by Ms. Lottie and Mr. Angel (are they really still there inside?) and the gangsters with them. Papaya-man Rosal once said that they have armalites and other guns and weapons inside. Aquaman Louie hinted that the 36TS would be burned down. Atty. Trixie has a statement about mind conditioning. Based on what we saw from them for almost one year now, they are the very ones who are perpetrate the “crimes” they accuse the INC of. So, it’s not far-fetched to think that they are planning to burn the INC property there, and then they would escape and try to beg again for sympathy.

Well, setting a house on fire is no joke. Rather than let them burn or bomb down the house where Ka Erdy used to live—and then blame it again on Ka Eduardo—it would be better off demolished for now, and restore it later when the unruly, unwanted neighbors have vacated the area.

It’s only a matter of time before they will be evicted. There is a court order already. So they should obey the law. If they can no longer follow God’s law, maybe they would still obey the laws of man.
Perhaps they’ve seen what happens to squatters during demolitions. We can see that on tv news and even on YouTube. Whatever excuses they give for refusing to leave, in the end the law will have to prevail.

They can still appeal or file for other legal remedies and actions if they still want to be Atty/ Trixie’s milking cows. But in the meantime, they have to move out. Now!

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