13 November 2015


THIS FB Account with a name “Benito Affleck” was with them since a so-called “Antonio Ebangelista” started to published his blog in April of 2015. Since then, this “Benito Affleck” thrown numerous accusations against the Church Administration. Lately, this “Benito Affleck” also published in his FB account many “documents” claiming evidences for corruption inside the Church. But, who really is this “Benito Affleck”?

Actually, “Benito Affleck” is not a "he" but a "she." Benito Affleck” is “Bless Grace Hernandez-Ardona.” His fellow End-Time Antichrists revealed who she really is, Lowell Menorca II revealed that “Benito Affleck” is “Bless Grace Hernandez-Ardona.


A news report claim that Bless Grace is wanted by the Law for estafa and illegal recruitment:

“The former member has been identified as Bless Grace Hernandez-Ardona, who has long been expelled from the INC for being involved in various activities which are against church.
“It was learned that Grace Hernandez-Ardona has several pending cases including estafa, swindling, and illegal recruitment for which she has been classified as “wanted” based on court records with the Manila regional trial court.”

We made a research to check out if this news about Grace Hernandez-Ardona is true. This is what we found out:
 A Copy of Bless Grace's NBI Record

 A Copy of the Warrant of Arrest for Estafa

A Copy of the Warrant of Arrest for Illegal Recruitment

So it is true that this woman, Bless Grace Hernandez-Ardona, facing estafa (swindling) and illegal recruitment cases.


Grace Hernandez-Ardona was a daughter of a minister. But, concerning her status as a member of the Church Of Christ, she has long been expelled from the INC for various violations of the doctrines in the Church (such as her involvement in swindling and illegal recruitment cases). She was an expelled member ("tiwalag") since the time of Brother Erano G. Manalo. Thus, it was Ka Erdy who expelled her!

So, this person is not one who voluntarily left the Church because she found out that there is corruption inside the Church. She has long been expelled for violating the laws of the land and especially the laws of God.

Because Bless Grace Hernandez-Ardona has no right to call herself an Iglesia Ni Cristo, she as well has no right to call herself as “INC Defender.”


Bless Grace Hernandez-Ardona is not only a swindler and deceive people to extort their money but also a blasphemer, a fabricator of falsehood, and a sower of malicious lies and disinformation.

This is how this woman accussed our dear brother Eduardo V. Manalo:

This is how she fabricates lies in the guise of "news":

She said, the Philippine Arena has a new owner and she would provide the evidence “tomorrow" (or the day after she made that post). Opsss. This statement was made a very long time ago, still no evidence.

Rememver that she was also the one who posted in the social media fabrucated NICA Report, the fake "deed of sale" of No. 36 Tandang Sora, and many other fabricated documents.  Indeed, she is rightfully called "MS. SWINDLER"!


Benito Affleck or Bless Grace Hernandez-Ardona also call on fellow expelled from the Church to organized against the Church administration:

This rise of the expelled members of the Church Of Christ taking action against the Church and the Church administration, and even encouraging the brethren not to fear being expelled outside the Church is indeed the fulfillement of what the Bible says:

I John 2:18-19 NCV
“My dear children, these are the last days. You have heard that the enemy of Christ is coming, and now many enemies of Christ are already here. This is how we know that these are the last days. These enemies of Christ were in our fellowship, but they left us. They never really belonged to us; if they had been a part of us, they would have stayed with us. But they left, and this shows that none of them really belonged to us.”

Thus, this is Bless Grace Hernandez-Ardona a.k.a. BENITO AFFLECK: An expelled member of the Church who vilifies and maligns the Church Administration, a fabricator of falsehoods, a sower of malicious lies and disinformation, a conspirator to the plan to destroy the Church, indeed, A REAL END-TIME ANTICHRIST.


Bless Grace Hernandez-Ardona was arrested in Zamboanga last Febreuary, 2016. She was released after she was bailed, and we know where they got the money to pay for her bail, of course from their RTC fund. W   hat do we expect? RTC fund is not for the construction of Houses of Worship, nor for the propagation of the words of God, but to pay for their bail and to continue their luxurious life.

Unaware, Bless Grace Hernandez-Ardona made an indirect admission that she is “Benito Affleck”! When “Access the Truth” post a video where a caller asked Jun Samson if where is “Bless Grace”, samson answered “talking to some agents.” And guess who reacted to the said “video”? You guess it right, “Benito Affleck”! Benito boast that the video is not under forensic investigation and she will file a case to the International Court against those behind the video for making fun of her. But the video talks about Bless Grace Hernandez-Ardona.  

Wait for more update regarding this “end-time Antichrist”!!!


  1. Ang Dios ba ay gagamit ng estapadora para maglinis sa INC? Hindi naman ganyan kahina ng tunay na Dios!

  2. Kilala na pala at may picture pa eh bakit hindi pa nahuhuli para makalaboso para Hindi na makapag hasik ng lagim . Sa itsura palang parang manggagantso na


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